Are you Procrastinating This Week?

Procrastination Did you know it is National Procrastination Week?....the week where the intention is to give ourselves permission to procrastinate & do nothing! Could this be happening to you much of the time by any chance? If you have ADHD it's quite likely that procrastination is a habit easily fallen into. It's something my individual coaching clients frequently need help with & which we work on together. Team work can make all the difference!
I think it's something we all do at times & for various reasons...sometimes it's to avoid something unpleasant, difficult or challenging. Other reasons can be not knowing where (or how) to start, or it can be an element of perfectionism.
Anyway, keep reading for some tips to get you going on your procrastination demons.......

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Fun & Games on a Monday Morning!

Suffolk_1I was interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk this morning about Adult ADHD. It was only a short item on Nick Pandolfi's show, but hopefully it raised more awareness & discussion. On searching the website it seems it can't be listened to online later.  I've noticed that there's more media interest in the adult side of things nowadays........  but why do people so often think ADHD's mainly about behaviour?

In my experience with the adults who come to me for coaching, it's much more about disorganisation, procrastination, time & task management. What do you think?  What's your biggest problem related to ADHD?  I'd love to hear from you.......why not post a comment about your biggest challenge with ADHD.

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ADD Planner Experiment!

Disorganized_1I've heard that ADD Planner software is a great tool for people with ADHD to help them keep on track. It does more than MS Outlook, & even integrates with a PDA.  First impressions are very positive, as with any new software, i'm spending some time learning how all the features work.

I'm test driving it myself at the moment so i'll report back on how my experiment goes!  I never recommend anything unless I have personally tried it/read the book!  One feature of ADD Planner is a system whereby you can set a pop up to appear on your screen at regular intervals asking if you are on task!! very annoying but a good idea I think for checking in that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing! Great for those of us who spend too much time on the internet....!

If you want to read more about it now check it out here ----> ADD Planner - the only software planner designed specifically for people with ADD

Adult ADHD on YouTube

Have you watched videos on YouTube? I've often seen the funny ones, I love the film of the skateboarding dog... it's amazing! It's frightening how much time you can waste looking at all the videos on YouTube (not something I do when i'm supposted to be working!). I searched ADHD & found many films, some good & some not so good! I came across this one & thought i'd post it as it's a really great piece on Adult ADHD.

What do you think? any other recommendations? (remember also to look for the one with the skateboarding dog!)

Yesterday's Child

Posting the quote today reminded me of this. I first read it over 10 years ago & everyone I've shared it with has loved it (a great one for teachers!). I'm posting it with Janie's permission. Enjoy!


Copyright © 1993, 1999 Janie Bowman All Rights Reserved

YESTERDAY's child was born in the 1800's. As a young boy, he was considered medically fragile. Every respiratory illness known to mankind in that age seemed to seize him. Even though YESTERDAY's child spent many of his early years ill, this did not stop his insatiable curiosity and boyish escapades. TODAY's child would be described as “just being a boy.”

YESTERDAY's child often found himself

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